Chili…In a Jar

Our little one finally decided to show up. After 26 hours of labor, Baby girl aka Jellybean graced us with her presence.  After a week off of meal planning and sorting back through our lives (aka getting used to having a newborn around), I feel the urge to come back here and blog about meal prep. Some … Continue reading Chili…In a Jar

Reinventing Leftovers

As promised, here is the recipe for leftovers from the Mother's Day post. Recipe for Reinventing Leftovers: ·   leftover pasta (about 1/2 the package) ·   leftover ground beef ·   4 cups of left over cheese Additional ingredients needed: ·   2 cups of Fat free or 2% milk ·   2 tbsp flour ·   3 tbsp butter … Continue reading Reinventing Leftovers